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Chris K., Cannabis Researcher of NugScout
Chris (AKA "NugScout")

Cannabis Advocate & Researcher

I have been into cannabis since 2006, with being on the business side of things since 2018.

In 2017 I moved from Wisconsin to California to work at Apple as a Global Supply Manager on the iPhone team. While there, I received a medical marijuana license due to my chronic back pain after being injured in a car accident in 2015. I also received a license to grow 99 marijuana plants.

Today, I’m a licensed grower and processor in Wisconsin. We are working with hemp today to prepare for legalization and the move into all types of cannabis in the future here in my home state of Wisconsin.

I believe that full legalization of all Cannabis is inevitable. NugScout is my collection of experiences, thoughts, and research on Cannabis. My goal is to help those coming into the industry from being a consumer or home grower, to those looking to join in on the business side of growing, processing, and retailing.

October 18, 2020

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